The Academy Program

CTAC offers this program in participating private schools. The Academy is a year round ABA/ Verbal Behavior based therapeutic classroom for elementary aged students with Autism, PDD, Asperger’s or other related diagnosis on their campus in North Austin. This is the first program of its kind in an exemplary private school. This classroom is designed for students who need intensive ABA Therapy and VB therapy (more than shadowing) but could also benefit from a classroom and inclusionary setting.

The Academy program is lead by a BCBA and qualified professional assistants with an average 6:3 ratio. Each student is individually screened by CTAC before being admitted. Students must have a communication system in place, be toilet trained and have no aggressive or self-injurious behaviors. If these criteria are not met at this time, the student will be referred for services at CTAC and may be admitted at a later time when these objectives have been achieved.

Each Academy student receives an individual assessment resulting in an individual treatment plan for the year. Curriculums are chosen based on assessment and include the VB-MAPP, Direct Instruction, Handwriting Without Tears and modified state academic objectives (STAAR). Daily ABA Therapy and VB therapy takes place through intensive teaching and the natural environment. Academy children typically participate in library time, music, PE, Lunch and recess programs. Academy children typically participate in the private school's library, music, PE, Lunch and recess programs. All inclusion is individualized and time in their classrooms may be arranged for other social and academic objectives as well. The private school's students also participate in our reverse inclusion model of Circle of Friends where they serve as peer models and participate in social skills groups in the Academy classroom.

  • 12-month program, 8:00am-1:00pm, Mon-Fri
  • Tuition - $2150.00 per month
  • Some insurance companies may reimburse for ABA therapy hours performed at the Academy. Please check your plan to see if it covers ABA therapy. If so, contact CTAC’s Office. Our contact information is here.